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Best Actress 2013 Broadway World Chicago, 

“Celie” in The Color Purple


Trisha Jeffrey, a petite actress with Broadway credits, brings a powerhouse voice to Celie, along with the ability to make a marvelous transition from enduring victim to self-possessed woman whose essential goodness is never destroyed.”

~ Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

“…Jeffrey dominates the stage in her majestic transformation.  Whether playing the victim or the conqueror, Jeffrey unforgettably belts out her resignation, her anger, her happiness. Her beautiful metamorphism is motivated by the strong, noteworthy women she meets.” 

~ Katy Walsh, Chicago Now

“…you will absolutely want to hear Jeffrey, whose lower register is especially gorgeous, sing the role. More importantly yet, her Celie is intensely empathetic.”

~ Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


~ Kevin Friduss, Broadway in Chicago Examiner

“A breezy, invigorating presence.” 

~Jayne Blanchard, The Washington Times

 “Trisha Jeffrey projects a child-like innocence bolstered by adult bravery, and her voice is liquid gold.” 

~Front Row of D Magazine by Lindsey Wilson

Jeffrey has the pipes to vibrate the theatre’s chandelier, but the gift that makes her a great actress is the ability to sing the lyrics so the audience can understand them. She has astute breath control, adding emphasis to a word for dramatic effect.

~Greer Firestone, Aisle Say

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